To know the importance of eCommerce product photo editing services, we should know about online stores and their customers’ behavior. Buying products online have become more popular because of faster accessibility, availability, effortless buying, and a hassle-free process. People can choose and buy their favorite products from wherever they want with a few clicks. That’s why the number of eCommerce stores increases, and so does the necessity of product images.

Online shopping has increased by 16% until 2019, and the percentage will go up every year. So online retailers not only bring unique products to the market, but they also need to present their products in an amazingly unorthodox way. So today, for eCommerce image editing, retailers should prefer professional image editing agencies like the photo fix rather than dive into this hassle on your own. By doing this, retailers will get time to concentrate on other more important things that would require only them, like inventory management.

The photo fix can provide leading-edge product photo editing services to clients with ultra-speed delivery at an affordable rate.

Our Top Features

Premium Editing

We never compromise on quality and always try to provide top-notch image editing to our clients. With over 170+ expert photo editors, we offer the premium, masterclass, and accurate hand-drawn clipping path service by keeping the color and all the detail intact.

Affordable Rate

We guarantee premium photo editing services but we don’t demand sky-high prices for this like our other competitors. Yes, keeping the price down and providing high-quality editing is a tough job but that’s what we do here. We make a tough job look easy with our experienced hands working hard.

On-Time Delivery

Meeting the deadline and delivering flawless image editing service is our higher priority. We monitor our working process from getting the project to delivering it. This is why we never miss the delivery and because of our 3 step QC process, the quality you get is flawless.

Expert Hand

Without highly experienced photoshop experts we won’t be able to offer our clients the best clipping path service that we promise. Our experts have over 10+ years of hand on photo editing experience. From accurate hand drawn image clipping for background removing to eCommerce product photo editing according to the image requirements our expert hand cover all.


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“Let your product be the focus and rule over its competitors with our mesmerizing and elegant product image retouching.

What Is E-commerce Product Photo Editing?

Online retailers upload their product photos to the product listing, and consumers go search the product, find the product, and then purchase the product. It may seem to be a simple process, but it’s not. Multiple retailers sell the same type of product, which gives consumers the option to choose.

So which product a consumer will choose? Obviously, they will purchase something that looks outstanding and also promising at the same time. The motto of an eCommerce product photo editing service is to make a product gorgeous and also trustworthy.

So eCommerce product image retouching can grow the online business of a retailer by making their product incomparable. Outsourcing product photo editing can save you money and time and give you a chance that you would require to stand up in the crowd.

Processing product photos with Photoshop or by any image editing agencies, remember you can use your product photos to add in the product listing of your online store and use them in the marketing platforms.

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Why The Photo Fix is The Best in Ecommerce Product Photo Editing

The photo fix always tries to provide perfect product photo editing services to its clients. Our aspiration is to work with our clients and give them a comprehensive, superior product image retouching experience. The photo fix is committed to giving every photo to the fullest and make the product photo trendsetting to its competitors.

The photo fix was established in early 2010, and slowly it has become the most trusted clipping path service provider in the world. Today, we can guarantee our image editing services that most of the older companies dream of or are still thinking of due to highly experienced Photoshop experts.

Though we work with guaranteed satisfaction, this is not the reason we are the best in product photo editing. There are a couple of reasons that make us the best. Retailers use product images for multiple reasons, such as uploading them online for the product listing to sell online. Some of them are also used in making product catalog, printing on billboards or posters.

For every different use of product photos, some image requirements are essential to make the product eligible. Catalogs, billboards, posters, or magazine pages have a different image size to make them usable. You can’t use the same measurement for all the mediums.

As product photos’ main purpose is to be uploaded in the online product listing, every eCommerce store has its own set of guidelines for product images. These are not like the other ones where the requirements are limited to photos’ height and width. One of the amazon image requirements is that the backdrop of the product should be in a solid color, and white is recommended most.

Let’s know a couple of product image guidelines….

⦁ The product should cover 80% of the frame.
⦁ The background needs to be in solid colors.
⦁ Both the packshot photos and contextual photos should provide for the products etc.

We are the best because our photoshop experts have experience and knowledge of all the image requirements for every online platform. So because of our outstanding performance in product photo editing services, we are well known as the best in the business. Outsourcing product photo editing to us will prove to be the cleverest decision that any retailer can make.

Different Ecommerce Product Photo Editing

As there are tons of different products processing product photos with Photoshop for the eCommerce platform, it also has different categories to understand our clients easily. To fix the photo of any products for online platforms, a photoshop expert should know the image requirements that the photo fix have.

Product Photo Background Removing

Almost all the online flatforms want product photos to be in solid white background. The reason is if the background contains something, then consumers will get distracted by it. That’s why all the online stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Alibaba, etc.… made their product image requirements and told retailers to follow it strictly. All of them mentioned that the product photo backgrounds must be solid white. So product photo background removing allows us to remove, change, or add backdrop according to the requirements.

The photo fix uses a hand-drawn clipping path technique to do an accurate image cut out and let you play with the backdrop as you like.

Jewelry Product Image Retouching

Jewelry products always require to look gorgeous with jaw-dropping effects on them. Consumers notice jewelry products only when they are able to put a mesmerizing performance and impress them; otherwise, they easily get ignored. To edit jewelry products and make them eligible for online stores, catalogs, and digital marketing, an experienced jewelry product image retouching service is the only option. Image retouching for jewelry products is slightly different from the typical photo retouching services.

The Photoshop experts of the photo fix have years of professional image retouching experience on jewelry product editing that allows us to produce flawless image retouching.

Ghost Mannequin Effect For Apparel Products

The ghost mannequin effect provides outstanding looks to apparel products. Improving the visual appearance of a product opens the possibility of grabbing consumers’ eyes quickly and increasing these possibilities, companies, or brands use models. Famous celebrities and models are used by the brands to capture amazing visuals for apparel products, but models are expensive and difficult to handle. You can’t use models for all of your products because many of your products have different variants like colors and sizes.

That’s why ghost mannequin service for apparel products is not only financially beneficial but also mannequins provide a 3D look to your products. With proper understanding and experience, the photo fix offers you neck joint effect service, sleeve joint service, bottom joint services along with ghost mannequin effect.

Product Photo Color Correction

Ecommerce products have different variants of colors, sizes, and quality for every single product. And it is important to present your products in every aspect with variants in front of the consumer so that they can choose according to their taste. Capturing every single variant of the same product is time consuming and expensive as well. That’s where product photo color correction plays a role in eCommerce product photo editing. With a product photo retouching service, an ordinary-looking product can produce an ultimate aesthetic and sensory experience for the customers.

We, at the photo fix, continuously working with new photo editing techniques and experimenting, sometimes surpassing the expectations of new-age image editing also. Color correction service is one of those image editing techniques where we can provide realistic like color changing to a single product as much as you want.

Who needs eCommerce product photo editing?

Everyone who is working with eCommerce product photos requires product photo editing. Online retailers, product photographers, commercial photographers, brands, magazines everyone needs this product retouching in Photoshop. To be able to upload product photos by maintaining the product photo guidelines for online stores, eCommerce product photo editing helps to make any product a trendsetter for its own kind.

Outsourcing product photo editing projects to the photo fix saves a lot of money and also increases your sales. Whether you are an online retailer or an agency, if you are short on budget or want to cut down the unnecessary expenses, then outsourcing product photo editing projects to the photo fic would be the right decision for you.