Mannequins are excellent for marketing strategy. To avoid being affected by the model’s look,

mannequins help maintain your products in shape. But mannequins may be bothersome, so

create a ghost mannequin effect for your product pictures.

When you want to show off both the front and back of a piece of clothing, invisible mannequins

are the perfect way to do it. Also, it shows parts of the product that the mannequin or model

would hide. The result is a realistic vision that focuses on your product. In this article, we will

cover the entire process of how do you do invisible mannequin photography by giving you a

thorough grasp of the method.

Advantages of using ghost mannequin services

Below are some of the benefits you will gain when you use the ghost mannequin service

  • You can increase your e-commerce product’s readability.
  • Less worry about fit and style.
  • Even though some shoppers may find plain and ordinary product photos uninteresting

and sluggish, the ghost mannequin photography services makes everything flawless

and attractive to purchase.

  • You can quickly delete the components from the ghost mannequins that are no longer


  • You’ll have plenty of possibilities to take amazing images for advertising purposes.
  • The ghost mannequin bridges the gap between physical and online shopping by showing

buyers items on a natural person.

Tips for Photographing an Invisible Mannequin

A perfect product picture is crucial for clothing. That’s where the invisible mannequin comes in.

The goal is to portray the garments as worn, without a model or mannequin in the photograph.

Here are some ghost mannequins photography ideas for getting the most out of your:


Right Mannequin

Invisible mannequin photography with a white finish makes it ideal for use in photography. Make sure you pick

clothes that go with your body type. A dummy should be able to comfortably wear the garments

without worrying about them expanding or becoming overly loose.

And you need to photograph inside the cloth to get the entire ghost appearance in post-editing.


Outfit and style 

Every piece of clothing will not hang perfectly on the model or mannequin even if you choose the

best one for it. Pins and tape might help you get the desired design while keeping it level.You can

use the grid tool in photo editors to ensure that the hems, shoulders, and other parts of your

clothes are all the same height.


Choosing the right angle to shoot

Choosing the right angle to shoot

Make sure the camera is level with your chest when taking a picture of a shirt, gown, jacket, or

coat. That will maintain the natural shape. For pants, skirts, jeans, and shorts, you should set the

camera so that it is level with the hips. It’s essential to ensure the camera angle is correct to

make the photos look more realistic.




Use cooler lighting for clothing photos because this allows for the most contrast, which makes

the colors look more natural and clear the curves of the clothing. Make sure it stays the same

from front to back and inside so that editing works.


Shooting accessories

Shooting accessories

Shooting accessories

Mannequins, lights, tripods, a camera, and the clothes you want to show off are all you need to

start. A tripod is vital for studio images because it keeps the clothes in the same position

between frames, allowing for consistent depth of field.It also eliminates any chance of shaking,

so your photos will be evident even when taking long exposures. Having a simple background

makes it much easier to change the photos.

How to edit an invisible mannequin Photoshop?

How to edit an invisible mannequin

How to edit an invisible mannequin

You’ve finished capturing the clothing. You can create a ghost mannequin editing effect by

using a photoshop. It is a simple process Invisible mannequin photography if you follow step by step:

Open the files in Photoshop and create layers.

The first step is to open Photoshop. Open the mannequin and cardboard images from the menu.

Now, choose your mannequin picture and create a new backdrop layer. Fill the new layer with

white, your final backdrop color. Label your layers to help organize your work.


Choose a Selection Tool

At this point, you must choose the clothing in your mannequin picture. Now, zoom in as much as

you need to choose the outlines precisely. Then, choose the clothing, whatever selection tool you

are familiar with, such as a swift, lasso, or magic wand.

Using these three tools, you can obtain the goal selection. Your goal is to remove the dummy;

the white backdrop simplifies the work due to the color contrast between your outfits and the



Tweaking and Positioning

Now that you’ve chosen all of the clothing work on refining to make it stable and gorgeous. That

removes the backdrop and mannequin.

To do this work, use the “Refine Edge” tool from the “Select” “Menu.” In the Refine Edge Panel,

press Ok and place a mask on your clothing. Your outfit is floating on a plain white backdrop at

this point.


Repeat the steps with the Image.

Now Select the picture and repeat steps 1–3 on it. This shot style may seem unusual initially, but

it is instrumental in creating the ghost mannequin effects. Create a new layer, select the garment,

and create the mask, refining the mask edges as needed.


Combine the Photographs

Both photos now have a transparent mask. The cardboard mask must extend over the

mannequin photo. Place the layer so that the cardboard is lower than the mannequin picture.

Adjust the cardboard layer to ensure proper fit behind the mannequin layer.


Remove All Baseless Components

When working with the cardboard layer alone, it’s best to hide the dummy. Remove the

unfounded areas of the cardboard layer using a brush tool.

The goal is to position the neckline contour between the shoulders so that you can remove any

unnecessary parts. Once you’ve finished the work, double-check that the layers are even and

that the neck joint and shoulder region are in the proper spot.


Create a Shadow and Save it

Add a gentle shadow between the two layers to give your product a dynamic, living appearance.

You can save the file in Photoshop for your editing safety.

After saving the Image, combine all of the layers simultaneously and save the shot as a new file.



As you can see, you can create your own ghost mannequin-inspired professional clothes product

photos by simply following the steps of ghost mannequin service. Using this effect will make

your product picture more appealing and distinctive. The customers will be impressed by this. An

eye-catching picture will help you stand out in the busy ecommerce sector.

I hope this article on how do you do invisible mannequin photography will help you make

your product clothing unique from the others.