Product Photoshop Services are something that can moon your business within a short period. And If you Don’t care about photos, then no matter how much you put effort into it, your business might die. Today, we will look at how to edit product services photos in Photoshop, increasing conversion by up to 38%.

Yeah, Photos are that much important for an eCommerce business. It’s the very first visual by which users get convinced that the product may meet their needs.

If your website’s first impression (product photos) gets slightly wrong, it can hurt your growth. It also represents your brand’s validation and reputation. So, before we ultimately publish our product photo list, it should be 100% flawless.

This editorial will explain in easy words how to edit services photos in photoshop like a pro for both online and offline marketing.

You don’t need to learn photoshop if you don’t know already. This product photography tutorial journey will show you the best solution for your product photo editing needs.

Some necessary usual editing services for product photos in photoshop

There are a couple of services usually needed for 70% of the retailers and online marketers.

Product photos must look good and clean in every case. It is an open secret that a good enough lighting system and professional editing can bring glory to a product photo.

It is seen that sometimes we capture our product photos so perfectly that we instantly don’t feel the necessity of post-processing. But when we upload those photos to our e-commerce store, we need product photography post-processing very much. Why?

Sounds interesting! Because every e-commerce platform has its product images guideline and achieves the best results, retailers and marketers should strictly follow the rules.

So, we have understood that we can’t use raw product photos; no matter how good they are, they can be pretty awful as an impression to consumers.

Suppose you follow the product photo requirements of the e-commerce industry accurately. In that case, you will mostly see a couple of things like requirements, such as a white background, highlighted product, good texture retouching, and accurate shadow.

Now let’s dive into how we can turn interested people into customers through our expert product photo editing.

Things I’ll try my best to cover throughout this editorial:

  • Usual e-commerce product photo requirements.
  • How product photos impact a potential customer’s mind and how it can increase sales.
  • What’s the core concept of the best photo editing.
  • Why product photo editing is necessary for e-commerce.

So take a cup of tea and stay with us until the end of this road.

My guide as an editor to edit product photos

Before going directly into the main part, I’d suggest everyone capture raw photos of the product instead of JPEG. Raw photos capture every single detail of photos. We will get more control over the editing services in photoshop cc.

Raw capturing makes it hassle-free and easy to edit product photos. The more the photo is raw, the more we can style it.

Best Professional Photo Editing Services For Products in photoshop

The most common and widely used services in the e-commerce Product Photo editing industry are the background removing service, photo retouching, shadow creation, and color correction services photoshop.

Meeting consumers’ demands is not an easy task at all as we have tons of people in the industry, and everyone has different tastes and feel.

Before we learn anything practical, I think we’ll have to understand the difference between an ordinary photo and a professionally edited photo.

Let’s imagine How a normal tree picture and an edited tree picture will dominate consumer’s minds.

Firstly, A normal Tree picture is what people usually see everywhere. It’s not something unique that the consumers should look at. Yeah, Maybe the picture is taken by a DSLR and looks good but think why people should get convinced that they should show this picture to their friends and why it should be praised? Why?

Only because you can capture good photos? Nah, That’s not what consumers often search for.

The product photo must add value to the brand, marketing, and ultimately to our consumer’s interests.

Remove Background From Product Photos

We can notice the photos of the online stores. The background of most of the product photos is white.

That’s why eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Flipkart, and others have introduced their image guidelines for retailers where they demand only clear solid white background product photos.

The core reason behind a solid white background is: the focus goes right to the product. In this way, the subject of the photo gets more attention.

That’s why usually e-commerce stores require product photo backgrounds to be white. Anything related to the products gets filtered out in this way.

That’s why usually, eCommerce stores require a specific colored background for product photos. Anything non-related to the products gets filtered out of the photo in this way.

Also, Products with a white background give a minimalistic look to the photo. It is our responsibility to provide our consumers with a clean viewing experience. It looks great on both web pages and offline marketing.

Remove Background From Product Photos

I think this is the top most popular service. And in some cases, Using this service becomes a must. I’ll explain why.

Unfortunately, most beginners don’t understand the necessity of white background and uploads product photos with a background full of silly things.

So the question remains unanswered, How to get a white photo background? Is it that much easy or hard?

Well, people are getting clever day by day. You may think that using a white background or object while photographing the Product Photoshop Services will do the trick, but you are pretty wrong, mate. Professional product photography is not all about taking photos only.

Yeah, it is good to use a solid background during photo shooting, but it’s not the ultimate solution.

You must cut out the product from the image and create a white background in photoshop. Then transfer the product in the white background.

But why so hassle? Why should we use a white background in shooting?

Because using a white background while the photoshoot contrasting to the product makes the photo super clear, and it becomes more visible to the editor’s eye.

What’s the process to remove the background from the photo?

It’s easy to select and cut out the image background services in photoshop with some simple steps and photoshop tools.

The two major processes for removing the image background are: selecting the background and deleting or changing it.

Selecting the background of a photo using photoshop tools

To select the background area in photoshop, there are a couple of tools we can use:

  • Object Selection Tool.
  • Quick Selection Tool.
  • Select and Mask Tool.
  • The Pen tool.

You can select the subject or the background or a specific portion using one of the above tools easily in Adobe photoshop cc.

The selection tools are slightly different when it comes to usage. For this editorial, If I start writing all of them, it would be a long enough article to bore you. So I’ll use a single object selection tool to show you how to edit my product photo.

Step 1: Launch your photoshop software, open your image from the top left corner, File > Open > Select the image from your folder. Then create a duplicate layer.

Step 2: Select the layer you want to edit and go to the toolbar. You’ll find the object selection tool there. Select the tool and create a box around your object by dragging the mouse, and the subject will automatically get selected.

product photography white background photoshop

Now the selection process is finished. Now it’s time to remove the background and change it into a solid white backdrop.

Step 3: After the selection process, we’ll get our subject selected, but we need to select the background. That’s why now we’ll have to invert the selection.

Select the layer from the layer panel to invert the selection.

Step 4: Now go to select > inverse or press shift + ctrl + l together. The selection will get inverted after that. Now all you have to do is click on the delete button, and your background will get deleted.

How to Remove Spots from Product photo

Removing spots is an important service among product photography edits.

Having some tiny spots and dust on the photo is not abnormal. Most importantly, before getting the help of editing, you can minimize the problem slightly by controlling posing, lighting, and many other technical issues using a professional photography setup.

The other only way out is photo retouching which is being used widely to make the photos usable and appealing for your audience.

High-end photo editing always gives you the best results. It works just like a spell to the audience, and potential customers won’t resist buying it.

On the other hand, products that are too much reflecting or too much attention grabber for their glossy look should go through a photo retouching service.

Therefore, Photo retouching is a good way out for both e-commerce giants and small businesses. It creates an added value to the photo, ensuring the potential customers that the brand is reliable.

How to Remove Spots in Photoshop

Firstly, you can use other photo editing tools to remove spots and blemishes from an image. But from my experience, using those random editing apps is not always secured and not promised to give you the best quality.

Secondly, if you are willing to use the Adobe Photoshop cc, make sure you are using the latest version. Because in the latest version, we have five such tools that can remove dust from images:

  • Content-Aware Fill.
  • Spot Healing Brush Tool.
  • Patch Tool.
  • Clone Stamp Tool.
  • Healing Brush Tool.

For now, I’ll use the clone stamp tool to show you guys the process of removing spots. I’ll write an in-depth tutorial on this tool later.

Step 1: At first, create a new duplicate layer, and from the left toolbar, select the clone stamp tool with a soft brush.

How does this clone stamp tool work in photoshop? We have to select the area we want to replace with the so and then brush over that spot area to remove it.

Step 2: Click on the area you want to clone while having the clone stamp tool on. And wow! The particular area will be gone! Repeat this process for every spot you want to remove.

Product Photoshop Services can catch dust or spots anytime during photography, and it’s completely normal. You can’t ignore it, and if time is a big deal to you, you better outsource your work to professionals.

Color Correction Service to change the Version of Products

Color correction saves both your time and money in a brilliant way. It’s one of the top photo editing services. Some products may have different versions with different colors and specifications.

For instance, iPhone 12 pro max and iPhone 11 pro are the same product of a particular company, but the features are different.

Like that, Apparel products, Jewelry products, and smartphones have multiple versions, and we can’t shoot the photos every time for those products. The trick here is changing color services in photoshop, which helps without photo shooting every time.

The hue and saturation settings of photoshop allow us to change the color of a photo. The steps are included below.

Step 1: Firstly, We have to select the portion we want to change. We can select any specific area in with the pen tool. Let’s first select the portion we want to change.

Step 2: Now go to image > Adjustments > Hue & Saturation or either press CTRL + U to select the option in shortcut. Then a window containing two sliders will appear.

You need to change the numbers by sliding along the bar, and the color will automatically get changed. Just stop when you get your expected color.

Shadow Creation service and everything about it

Groceries to stylish apparel products are now easy to order products online and get delivered at home. ECommerce has improved a lot during the global pandemic, and more values are being added constantly.

The competitors are increasing, the industry is being wide, customers are growing, and with all of these things keeping in mind there are no shortcuts to sell your products online without customer attention and trust.

Without only the truth, Reliable product photos, and appealing description plays a vital role when selling products online.

So How the shadow effect helps?

It brings out the secret depth of a product photo and gives it a 3D brandy look. Especially for apparel products, the product will look like it’s floating and unreal without shadow.

If you are looking for a great combination of different editing services for your products in services photoshop, adding the shadow service will simultaneously give you the best result.

By making your product puffy and 3D, the shadow service gives a whole new look to the photo’s subject.

Keeping the natural shadow would be a good decision. If the shadow is much harsh, then desaturating it a bit by creating another layer for the shadow creation process is necessary.

Besides Shadow Creation


Only adding the shadow is the primary step for the shadow creation service, but before ultimately uploading it to online stores, we need to do a couple of extra things. The next steps are easy and more than manageable.

It doesn’t matter in which eCommerce platform we are gonna upload. As I have mentioned earlier in this editorial, the core requirements are almost the same in every case.

Apart from those, there is one more thing you must keep in mind, and that is the image size and format. Different platforms require different sizes and formats as a condition, and hence, you should read the image guidelines carefully and follow them accordingly.

Whether you are a professional or a newbie, knowing how Product Photoshop Services are editing works can take your business profit to the next level.