Photoshop is known as one of the best software that comes with excellent features that allow you to work with your Photos. You have plenty of options to edit your expression by using Photoshop. You can make your face sad, happy, and aggressive in a couple of minutes by working on your Photo in Photoshop.

Smiles do not mean to change the lips’ position; there is also a need for many other facial adjustments such as eyes, cheeks, eyebrows, chin, etc, to make it perfect. Using Photoshop is easier; you can use different techniques to change facial expressions. Let’s know how to make someone smile in Photoshop.

How to Make Someone Smile in Photoshop?

How to put a smile on my face photo? If you want to fix the photo by adding a smile? Here you go.

Now, you may know about many smile editors, but Photoshop is the most professional smile editor for the picture that gives you multiple ways to make your sad photos happiest. I will share two easy ways to do the job. 

Add a smile by layer masking method Step By Step

The first way for portrait photo editing is the layer masking method to add a smile in Photoshop. It is a more accessible and quick way to make your photos smile. Hence, you can take your Photo Retouching Services instead of doing them yourself.

Step 1- Add Picture in Photoshop

Add Picture in Photoshop

It is simple, open the Photoshop interface, copy the image you want to edit, and paste it in Photoshop. First, choose the picture and add it to the Photoshop interface. The photo will be posted in the Photoshop interface as shown below for adding a smile.

Step 2- Add Filter

Add Filter

The Next step is to add the filter; the filter option is available on the upper task line, as shown below. You will see many options on clicking the filter option; choose the Neutral filter from that option.

Step 3- Select Beta Filter

Select Beta Filter

After that, a screen will appear; you will see the neutral filter option on the right side closer to the picture screen. See the options under the Neutral filter; you will see two smaller icons under the Neutral filter; click on the Beta filter for face smile generator options. 

Step 4- Turn on Smart Portrait

Turn on Smart Portrait

On clicking the Beta filter, you will see many options on the screen, click on the right side of the smart portrait option to access further options for adding a smile to the photo.

Step 5- Adjust the expressions

Adjust the expressions

The next step after opening the smart portrait is to adjust the expression. When you turn on the smart portrait, you will see expression options. 

Select smile and increase the visibility to +20 and decrease the surprise visibility to -20. You can also make other adjustments such as face age, gaze, etc., from that option to make your face smile look real. Click “Ok” when you have made adjustments.

Step 6- Apply a duplicate layer mask

Apply a duplicate layer mask (2)


After adjustments, add the duplicate layer mask, go to the below screen and see the “output” option. Click on that and select the layer that you want to apply. Set “Duplicate layer masked” as a new layer for your Photo.

Step 7- Get a smile on your Photo

Get a smile on your Photo

After selecting the duplicate layer masked, press “OK” and wait for a couple of seconds. You will see a happy face photo like below.

Once you have got the picture, save it on your device from the file menu, same as other MS word options.

Method 2: Add a Smile Using Photoshop liquify Feature

The second technique that I will teach you that is most used in Photoshop for a smile in Photos is Photoshop liquify. It is easy and offers you more options to adjust to other parts of your face to make your smiles look real. Follow the instructions to use the liquify feature in the Photoshop smile app.

Step 1- Add the Photo

Add the Photo in Photoshop

Like the previous technique, add a photo in the Photoshop interface by copying and pasting the picture.

Step 2- Create a copy of the photo

Create a copy of the photo

When you paste a picture in Photoshop, first create a copy to see the difference for further adjustment to add a smile using Photoshop photo retouching services. It is easier to click on Layer and then pushes the copy button on the lower right corner of the Photoshop window copy will automatically generate.

Step 3- Select Liquify Filter

Select Liquify Filter

Then go to the “filter” option on the upper task line and click on Filter; a list of different filter options will appear to choose from. Click on “Liquify” to enter the liquify menu for working with your picture.

Step 4- Open face tool

Open face tool

On clicking the Liquify option, a window will appear with many face adjustment options on the right side of the picture in Photoshop. But before accessing face smile generator features for adjustment, you will need to open the face tool. Search on the left side of the screen; you will see the face icon below the icons.

Step 5- Add a smile

Add a smile in the photo

Now you will be able to make smile adjustments in Photoshop, click on the face, and adjust the lips position to show a smile with mouse drag and clicks.

Step 6- Make face adjustments.

Make face adjustments

You will also find other options to make adjustments in facial expressions to give a better smile. You can adjust lower lip, upper lip, chin width, face width, face height, and many other things from here.

Step 7- Apply the effects

Apply the effects

Once you have made all the facial adjustments, click “OK” to apply the smile effects in your photo. Wait for a couple of seconds, and then you will see the picture with a smile.

Save the picture in your device by the name, whatever you want, by pressing Save from the File menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you make a frown smile in Photoshop?

It is pretty easy to make a frown smile in Photoshop; you can use the Photoshop liquify option for that purpose. Select the liquify option, then stretch out the face and make some adjustments to face muscles by stretching them to make them smile.

  • What is the shortcut key for liquifying in Photoshop? (photoshop liquify)

The shortcut key for Photoshop liquifies option is Shift+Cmd+X.

  • What is the best editing software for portraits?

There are many Photo retouching services, but only a few are trusted to use. When dealing with Photo editing, no better option is available than the Photoshop tool.

  • What is the app that makes you smile?

You may find many apps for smiling in your pictures, but Photoshop is the best smile editor for photos that could make you smile like a real one.

  • How to remove the smile from the photo? 

The liquify option in Photoshop will help you to remove the smile from your pictures. In the Liquify face tool, you have the option to broaden and close the lips, chin, and other facial muscles to add or remove the smile from photos.


You have many options to change facial expressions but for adding a smile to your photos, duplicate layer masking and Photoshop liquify are the two popular techniques to use. Photoshop liquify offers more face adjustments options to make your smile like the real one. 

I hope, you have a clear idea of how to Make Someone Smile in Photoshop. Happy Learning