Jewelry product photos are one of the categories which need extra attention. As these photos contain more curves, design, and reflection, it becomes tactical to capture the best Jewelry Photo Retouching.

As a professional jewelry photographer for years, I know how to control the situation for jewelry items and optimize the photos. 

If you wish to minimize the flaws of jewelry photos, don’t just hesitate to keep reading this post.

At first, let’s try to perceive the significance of jewelry photos in the eCommerce sector. 

Jewelry product is one of the items that potential customers notice with extra care and sincerity. 

There are plenty of scam shops online, and online users would never want to buy fake or low-quality jewelry at a high price.

Good potential customers will look for reviews, features, brand value, and a lot of things. 

But above all, they will get convinced by the photo. The photo, which means the jewelry product inside the photo, is the first and last factor to consider whether they will buy the product or not.

That is why the jewelry photo needs to be pretty, realistic, and well-structured. So let’s see how you can do that and how you can edit your jewelry photos.

What was the most prominent fact for starting your Business?

Why do you think you or your client has come online to sell jewelry products? Well, you would say “because of the growing popularity & convenience.”

Yes, that’s true, but what people like more is that various designs are found at low prices. Otherwise, why would they be interested in buying online instead of going to the local store nearby?

For example, might have seen your jewelry product photos while scrolling their newsfeed or browsing the query. 

The product looks fantastic, and I feel further interested in getting the product at home. 

But before they feel the interest, it is your obedient duty to convince them by your super-looking product photos.

eCommerce is standing out, leaving the conventional physical store far away. And if anyone wants to get the best chance to generate more sales, it is time to come online. 

Photos of jewelry, texts, and domain — These are all you need to launch your business online.

This is why more & more businesses are nowadays going online to sell their products, including jewelry. It’s easier to generate sales when you know the art. 

A study shows that people remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they hear. So, compelling product images can grow your jewelry business and flourish your sales.

why editing jewelry photos?

jewelry photos: Image editing jewelry photos

Image editing jewelry photos

The consumers on a website or billboard can’t see, touch, and feel the product. 

They depend entirely on the image. In this circumstance, don’t think you can still win the user’s heart by neglecting the importance of editing jewelry photos

You have to represent the product with top quality. A product image enriched with texts, design, and a suitable color is considered ideal.

Ideal product photo delivers realistic and optimistic viewpoint to customers and help them feel the lack. Besides, we edit product photos in a way that naturally attracts customers.

For example, we sometimes artificially add some jewelry-related products besides the product in the center. 

It enhances the beauty of the photo and background for jewelry pictures. Plus, you get the advantage of converting your customer into sales.

When we edit jewelry photos, we give special care to the sensitive sides. Our pro designers carefully edit curves, broken, reflecting areas.

According to a study of Internet retail conferences and exhibitions, It is found out that 75% of the participants agreed upon the fact that high-quality product image is the most prioritized resource for eCommerce businesses.

That is why we know what users and potential shoppers want in the product image and care about the product photos.

So why need jewelry image editing or retouching service on your jewelry product photos?

As we have already understood the significance of product image editing, we should now focus on jewelry image editing. 

To clarify, we will now explain the necessities for jewelry image editing or the retouching services found around.

You can’t just hire anyone randomly to edit your product photos. However, there is a norm for all kinds of services to make it easier to complete tasks in the case of jewelry image editing.

Visitors can only observe the product through the image as they can’t touch or feel it physically. So, it turns out that image is the core buying factor. 

If they like the product, then they go for price, features, and other detail. The super-looking product photo must build emotion in the visitor’s heart. The emotion will later extend to Business.

Jewelry product photographer Rohan Hossain says, “The editing needs of jewelry photos are high as long as you want sales and conversion.”

That is because visitors won’t convert into customers so quickly. So the environment, background, arrangement of the product — every aspect needs to satisfy the user’s intention. 

To achieve your goal, you can’t neglect the strength of editing services at any cost.

Advantage of jewelry photos editing Services & how to Optimize.

jewelry photos: Advantage of jewelry photo editing Services how to Optimize

Advantage of jewelry photo editing Services & how to Optimize

So, what’s the convenience of jewelry photo retouching services? Should you hire an individual or an agency? 

To answer all of your questions related to editing procedures and workflow, read the below section.

At first, if you want jewelry image editing services, you must go for good services within your budget. But never get greedy for appealing discounted offers! 

I have previously seen many people being scammed or given bad-quality editing in such types of offers. However, fashion jewelry product photography is all about creativity. 

Therefore, the more the service is dedicated and complete, the better the editing result will be.

So, back to the questions. Typically, an individual won’t work on bulk photos, and they often lack quality because they keep working all day! 

You can’t also hire multiple editors one by one as it is way more time-consuming. So, simply what you can do is go for an experienced agency.

Agency allows you to complete bulk items at a low price and within the promised delivery time. Furthermore, because multiple editors, project managers, and word-class employees are found, their services are way faster, smoother, and better in quality. 

In this way, you will get the best editing and image optimization with a photo editing service provider.

The procedure of jewelry photos editing Service

The procedure for editing services is simple enough. However, the most crucial part is photo editing services online are less time-consuming. 

It is convenient and helps you get your photo project delivered in the promised time. 

First, however, let’s talk about the step-by-step procedure that needs to be followed for jewelry photo editing services.

There are two ways. If you don’t want to consume time and want us to do everything, starting from analysis to editing and delivering, we can do it. 

Otherwise, if you have enough time to analyze the photos and find flaws, you can find flaws in the photos and then make and send us an instruction file with details about the photos, necessities, and requirements and we will work accordingly.

So, to be more specific, package 1 includes analyzing photos and taking every necessary action to edit photos and beautify them. Then, you have to upload the photo list to us.

In package 2, you will need to find flaws in the images for yourself with detailed instructions about what we will have to do and then attach the photo file with the instruction file and send it to us.

We use professional jewelry photo editing Softwares and procedures.

Well, there are plenty of other agencies providing jewelry photo editing services for years. So why would we be a good choice among them?

Sounds like an interesting question. We believe that the professional software we use and the skilled procedure we follow make us unique from other providers on the internet. 

For example, when the jewelry photographer complete the photoshoot and the photo list was submitted to us. We immediately design a structure to go through with your photos.

So let’s discuss the matter. At first, we assign a supervisor to manage your project. The supervisor discusses the project with the manager and selects the appropriate pro designers to form a team. 

The team of eCommerce image editing experts then gets instructions from the supervisor and starts working accordingly.

After the editing is done, the supervisor and one/two team members recheck the images and find unexpected flaws. 

Then, the supervisor submits the photos again to the designers to beautify the photos with more features and design. Thus, it helps us to satisfy our clients.

After completing the project, we followed a 3D secure method to protect the image quality and privacy. 

With this method, we share the link to the images with you. You can then see and zoom in on your photos but can’t download them. 

If you like our work and the photos, you have to make the payment via card. But if you see any errors, we will not hesitate to make your desired changes again. This is how we work.

How does a jewelry photos editing service boost your eCommerce Business?

If you have an eCommerce business, you should know that eCommerce is more about photos. 

If visitors like the photos, meaning the product inside the photo, they go for the details, features, and texts. So let’s see how jewelry photo editing can impact your jewelry business.

No matter how much you invest in marketing, SEO, excellent Photographer, and brand value but at the end of the day, jewelry product photos are fundamental to your online Business. Without photos, eCommerce can’t imagine. 

When visitors see multiple products from different websites, they subconsciously compare the photos and choose the best one.

Yes, a photographer can take beautiful enough product photos. They can use their entire light box photography for jewelry to take super photos and other stuff. 

But some artificial changes like Jewelry Background Images changing, color correction, fixing broken parts, clipping path, and so on can’t be done without professional editors.

When visitors find exceptions, quality, and beauty in a product, it helps them understand, “Oh, that might be a good product from an experienced brand” — This is how you get more sales and bring more customers.

How an outsource image editing service provider company works

Hiring an outsource image editing service provider is the easiest way to get your list of photos to fix and modify

Regardless of the project complexity, you can perform any editing through a professional editing agency. In addition, we can make Custom product photo jewelry for photographers, allowing photographers to apply the necessary changes on their own.

Now, it’s time to learn how photo editing service works. At first, you have to accumulate your list of photos into a file. Then we will share a link, and you have to upload the file onto that link. 

After we get the project, we will quote you the price according to your photo category, type, complexity, and other necessities.

If the photographer doesn’t know how to photograph the jewelry and they take the worst shots ever. Don’t worry! We can transform your worst photos into appealing ones.

If we both agree on the price, we will start working on it immediately. After the project gets complete, we’ll let you know and share the link with you. 

If you notice any other errors within the photos, you can let us know that, and we will recheck the issues and modify them again. After getting everything done, you have to pay us via card.


You might have enriched your mind to the full extent about jewelry photos editing and several topics. But why go out when you have the opportunity to hire outsourced photo editing companies conveniently?

Don’t worry about anything, and get in touch with us today to discuss your project! For any further queries, comment below your opinion or send us an email, we will reply promptly. 

We always try to help our users and customers without any benefit because we believe that good customers are always jewels!

If you think there’s any wrong with this article, do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks, and stay tuned!