Image masking Services are widely being used these days. Image masking is an advanced and modern way of photo editing to help increase user experience.

None would like to show Product or Business Images with flaws and less in quality. According to a survey, 38% of online users want to see a product image with a white background. Because when the background is white it becomes easier for potential customers to focus more on the product. They can see the product more accurately and decide whether they should buy your product.

The significant part of the image masking service is deleting blur and removing the unnecessary hairs from a photo or image. Masking photos becomes also necessary when you want to hide some portions of your image and to show some parts. It’s completely a non-destructive process of image editing which will make your photos look super without losing quality. In most cases, you can adjust and tweak the mask at any time you want. A lot of entrepreneurs around the world claim that masking pictures is an efficient and more creative way to manipulate images.

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Premium Editing

We never compromise on quality and always try to provide top-notch image editing to our clients. With over 170+ expert photo editors, we offer the premium, masterclass, and accurate hand-drawn clipping path service by keeping the color and all the detail intact.

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We guarantee premium photo editing services but we don’t demand sky-high prices for this like our other competitors. Yes, keeping the price down and providing high-quality editing is a tough job but that’s what we do here. We make a tough job look easy with our experienced hands working hard.

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Meeting the deadline and delivering flawless image editing service is our higher priority. We monitor our working process from getting the project to delivering it. This is why we never miss the delivery and because of our 3 step QC process, the quality you get is flawless.

Expert Hand

Without highly experienced photoshop experts we won’t be able to offer our clients the best clipping path service that we promise. Our experts have over 10+ years of hand on photo editing experience. From accurate hand drawn image clipping for background removing to eCommerce product photo editing according to the image requirements our expert hand cover all.


To make your Photos look awesome we provide the Best Photo Retouching Service with Confidence and guarantee of qualified working.

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“With plenty of successful projects and satisfied clients, we ensure the best Image Masking Service with Confidence”

What is Image Masking?

Image Masking is the process to remove and show some specific portions of your image. It gives your product photos a professional look. Starting from small, minor effects like masking background to showing or hiding some portions of your image, you can use Image Masking Service in any case. But basically, Photoshop masking or layer masking service is used to remove background from the fur or hair. Besides, it’s an advanced photo editing method for removing background from complex photos.

For a more clear view of image masking services, let’s take a look at the following tasks that are usually done with Image Masking Services according to your requirements.

  • Hide and show some small portions of your website clearly.
  • Modify an area of your picture.
  • Remove or replace the background of translucent objects.
  • Make Collage Images.
  • Create effects like ghost mannequin, shadow, or multi-object placing.
  • Fix color, sharpness, and contrast flaws.

Using an image masking service seems significant when you need to improve the image quality of your product catalogs.
Whether you are gonna use your product photos for digital use or print but having a clear photo is important so that the small details of your photos becomes easy to focus on.

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Types of Photo Retouching Services We Provide

There are varieties in photo retouching service. Depending on the image and complexity score, the editing can be tough or easy. Let’s break down the categories so you can choose your required service easily.

There are four types of photoshop masking services we provide.

Hair Masking in PhotoShop

Hair or Fur Masking is the process to remove unwanted Hairs/furs from an image. Not only hairs or furs, but Any kind of miniature detail from an image can also be removed throughout the Hair Masking Process

Layer Masking in Photoshop

When it comes to masking in photoshop, a layer mask is the first thing we often have to use. By using Layer Mask we can hide or reveal our preferred portions of a photo or we can change the opacity of various portions of an image. The Layer mask process also lets us change the visibility of the layer. That means we can make a specific portion visible or invisible when we need it.

Transparent Clipping Mask

Wanna make a specific portion of your image transparent? It’s possible accurately through the Transparent Clipping Mask Service. Photoshop allows us to change the opacity of a whole image by the layer panel’s opacity slider. When the opacity is imbalanced or broken then we need to use this feature.

Alpha Mask

When we feel the need to mask out the furry or hairy areas of our image, it becomes very tough to select those areas of hair or fur just by the brush strokes. It is necessary to increase the contrast of a photo before we apply Alpha Mask. By having adequate contrast it becomes easier to apply Alpha Mask on a photo

The reality of Image Masking (A step-by-step guide)

Image Masking is often a needy service for Photographers and online entrepreneurs. Let’s see why Image Masking is a necessary thing.

Method 1: Who Needs This Service?

If you think that the background of Fury or the hairy area from your photo should be removed then you are the one who needs photo/image masking services.

In some cases, you will need photo/image masking services for the largest volume of images. And it is significant to have photos edited without losing the quality. In this stage, you need realistic and awesome photos for your website or platform.

A photographer will require a photo masking service to save time, effort, and money. None likes having unwanted objects or backgrounds on their image. If you are in the middle of two shootings you should not waste your time editing photos. But Thephotofix is here to help you with your all masking and editing problems.

Method 2: How to Mask Image in Photoshop

Since photoshop is being used for many years in case of image masking assistance, it has many ways for masking images. But photoshop is a time-consuming and troublesome process. In general, Normal Designers use the Pen tool, Layer, Channel, etc for photo masking but you should try out our advanced masking tools for a better user experience.

Advanced Masking like Channel Masking Photoshop, Photoshop Hair Mask, and more can be done by us. And here at Thephotofix, we are always ready to give urgent delivery to our clients with high-quality service which will help you to generate more sales.

Method 3: When You Need Photo Masking Services?

When you intend to upload photos on Affiliate Programs like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or even to your online shop then your pictures sometimes require a white background on the fury/hairy areas or replacement of any single color to match with your background.

Basically, in all cases regarding complex photoshop mask background or mask photo online, we can help you out.

Method 4: When you need to outsource Image Masking Services?

Our high-quality skilled professional 170+ graphic designers are always in search of new projects. They all have professional certification with a minimum of 2-5 years of experience in this sector of Image Masking Services.

Our experts are used to using the pen tool of photoshop and they have a vast knowledge of working with accuracy and production.
We do zoom in like 300% to ensure every pixel counts which ensures that we are dedicated to our work. In this way, we produce a high-quality image solution for our clients.

We twice check e project before delivering it to clients and still, if you find any mistake by chance we will make changes according to your needs as soon as possible.

Thephotofix believes in client satisfaction. We are committed to providing 100% accurate work with honesty. We are also committed to giving you unbeatable flat rates at an affordable enough price that no competitors match.

How does Image Masking work in Photoshop (Basic Concept for Beginners)

Photoshop is the Best Photo Masking Software. I know there are other tools available out there on the Internet for Masking but those free tools often make it hassle and cumbersome.

Whereas, Photoshop is built-in with inclusive advanced tools dedicatedly for Image Masking. The photoshop masking techniques are efficient and easy to use.

Let’s see How the famous types of Image Masking Work through Photoshop

1| Layer Photo Masking

When the black paint of photoshop is applied manually on the mask that portion will be transparent. The image will be partially transparent when we will use grayscale color, but it depends on the percentage (%) of gray we choose for the brush. We can make the edge transformation smoother if we select a soft brush to paint the mask.

2| Image Clipping Mask

A clipping mask is a one layer process to determine the transparency or visibility of another connected layer. In the case of Clipping Mask, we simply place a new layer at the bottom of the layer where we are gonna apply transparency. And from the newly created bottom layer, we control the visibility of the above layer.

It may seem a little tough for beginners to compare the difference between the behavior of the clipping masks and layer masks. You may think that the clipping mask works inversely when compared to the Layer Mask.

But the exception between them is only using the black paint on the mask to make the pixels of the layer invisible for the Mask, the top layer will be opaque or visible if the bottom layer is containing some pixels in that area.

And in case if the bottom layer doesn’t have any pixels then the layer of the top will be transparent or visible.
Image Clipping Mask also works great for hair masking images HD

3| Image Alpha Channel Masking

Every image is different to cut out operations like Background Removing. That’s why different images require different approaches to work on the background. And Alpha Channel Masking is a bit different and complex way of image masking. The above two ways (Layer Photo masking & Image Clipping Mask) of masking is still simple but Alpha Channel Masking is comparatively more.

If the object or background of your photo has a sufficient amount of contrast then it will be easier to apply the alpha channel mask and if the background doesn’t have adequate contrast then we have to increase it and edit the image to apply the alpha channel mask.

How Alpha Channel Works

Wondering how to alpha mask in photoshop?
Briefly, To apply this method of masking we have to see which channel gives the most contrast and for that we’ll have to use Chanel Palate. If the palate is the blue channel we simply make a duplicate copy of that channel and apply some level to that to increase the channel sufficiently. If it becomes necessary we can paint over the inner portion of the new channel with black color to make it completely black. Then we go to the next step where we inverse the channel to make the white to black and black to white. Then we copy the created and customized channel and paste it into the layer tab for making a new layer.

In this case, we can use the dodge and burn tools to make the edge portion more contrasting and in this way, it will help us to apply Alpha Channel with perfection (making the edge fur/hair more black for ease of use).

An advantage in this step is you can also apply the “color Decontaminate” feature from the Layer>Matting>Color Decontaminate of your menu. We have noticed that sometimes with this option we get an amazing result.

Before applying color decontaminate directly we should make a copy of the layer for safety. Because this is a destructive process. So, this was a brief discussion about Alpha Channel Masking to give you some idea about this cumbersome process. There is a renowned proverb that, one dollar saves means one dollar earned. And with us, you can expect to save up to 30% of your money. If you have any concerns or queries, please comment down below or send an email to discuss further.