Do you have too much to-do list? Trying to do something that’s not your expertise? Need to complete the time-consuming part for your business? Even if you have answered all of the above questions. I’d like to give a simple solution: outsource photo editing!

Yes, photos are one of the fundamentals of an online business. No matter how much money and effort you have invested, without the product images, a business is valueless. Keep in mind that the image of the product or service is the first impression and at the same time, the core deciding factor before purchasing for a potential customer.

The better the photos are the more your business and product value will increase — It’s an open secret. The best part is unlike ancient times, you don’t have to go out finding image editing solutions anymore.

Photo editing is a time-consuming, hassle-full, and valuable part and therefore, this part shouldn’t be neglected at all. According to a survey, In 2018, the outsourcing market was equivalent to 85.6 billion dollars. This fact indicates the growing number of businesses utilizing the practice of outsourcing. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance and convenience and also how to outsource photo editing. So stay tuned!

What does it mean to outsource photo editing for e-commerce?

In eCommerce, there are three steps for product photos, such as pre-production, production, and post-production. All the planning and preparation required for the photoshoot is pre-production. After that, production means the photoshoot itself, and post-production refers to photo editing. The commercial name of the photo editing is retouching or image editing.

Well, if you want to outsource photo editing, it means you’ll send the photos to an external editing agent who will edit the images according to your requirements. The best part is you won’t have to go physically and find out a suitable agency.

As a businessman or photographer, you must save time and money to do other things. By outsourcing photo editing, you get the best online photo editing services at the earliest time. You save both money and time. That’s why the demand, importance, and convenience is improving day by day to a greater extent.

Custom outsource photo editing Services for Professional Photographers

The art of image editing doesn’t play the same role for photographers and businesses. When photographers take capture photos, they perceive the flaws and how can the photos be more appealing.

When you want custom photo editing services, you can merge different services or give us the instructions for your photos in detail. We have advanced technologies and self-developed strategies and therefore, we meet any kind of requirement that our client wants.

Regardless of the photo complexity, you can make changes to every detail of your photos. We additionally, retouch our client’s photos to ensure that we’re the best retouching service around. We are providing the editing service for photographers since the starting of our business and till now we’re doing well in our journey.

Why outsource photo editing for e-commerce?

First of all, all product images get edited without exception. In this way, you don’t lose quality and every one of the photos gets quality full editing treatment. What most retailers, brands, and photo-studio differ in is the choice of outsourcing photography editing or in-house photo editing.

In this case, you have to grasp the facilities of image editing outsourcing first. In previous times, outsourcing was done by the photo studios hired to do photoshoots. But nowadays, commercial photo studios are realizing the importance and convenience and a lot of them are taking the advantage of outsourced photo editing.

Firstly, outsourcing any work, it can be photo editing when done properly, through the best procedure and editing process, will not only save your money but also get your images done in the earliest possible time. Outsourcing improves your image quality because of the dedicated team of editors.

Product photography is highly seasonal, so you always have too many or too few touches

Because product shadow photography is a once-in-a-season type of project, there are several facets to be considered. First things first, You are only shooting the photos for one time. After having all of the products or the selected ones in stock, you will probably go for a photoshoot. The number of photos that will be taken during the photo shoot will depend on your business size and product availability.

That’s why you will either have a bulk amount of photos or a limited amount. Outsource image editing has a couple of advantages here. Image editing providers provide all the services within the image editing definition. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your photo editing needs fulfillment.

Repetitive photo editing tasks can lead to employee turnover

Like many other jobs, returning is a time-consuming method. It is a blend of creativity, diligence, and skills. Some complex editing solutions like skin retouching of recreating areas covered by unnecessary things are challenging and need advanced attention. But there is a lot of editing too like removing background or creating a way easier clipping path.

Doing photo editing jobs in-house, because there will only be a few retouchers available for you, they all must be skilled in all photo editing tasks and methods. More advanced skills are equal to higher salaries and editors get bored editing images all day.

In this way, this fact leads to employee turnover. And the higher associated fees, expensive onboarding processes keep your post-production team staffed enough to avoid bottlenecks and other difficulties.

Bottlenecks delay e-commerce sales

The number of retouchers fluctuates frequently in in-house post-production. High turnover results in consuming much time which is a bottleneck. A good time of delay, like weeks or even months between a photoshoot and uploading the edited photos to your website affects the lost sales and relevance very much.

So long, we were talking about when you perform post-production in-house. Now let’s discuss what happens when you outsource photoshop editing. A good editing service agent or provided will always be committed to delivering the project at the fastest time (e.g. 24 hours or less)

At ImagePixelator, a ‘next morning’ turnaround time is conventional. Upload by 3:00 p.m. in your time and get all the needs done by 6:00 p.m. (within 3 hours or less available)

How to outsource photo editing for e-commerce?

The worst way to choose an image editing provider is to find the lowest quoted price per image. Low pricing providers promise something they won’t deliver. After all, you’re ignoring the total cost of operation (TCO).

There are different types of photo editing and any random person claiming to be an expert can serve you the best.

Any kind of outsourcing including photo editing should be determined by you. The total cost includes management, workflow efficiency, reputation, and image quality. And the cost is estimated I more than cents per image.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how much you pay if that image is crap. But if the images come after a week of promise and take plenty of calls and emails to be re-edited. Photography retouching services should be qualified enough to meet your requirements.

Outsource photo editing: outsource photo editing for photographers and photo studio

1| What’s your onboarding process?

An outsource photo editing company will have a well-defined step-by-step process for new customers. The content regarding onboarding can be a video at articles. The editing agency should learn your requirements and you should also learn their systematic workflow. When your image editing needs are consistent and the photo editing provider has a well-defined system, you can work with ease.

Moreover, onboarding methods can vary depending on the image list. You can contact the provider at any time if you need changes to the onboarding process. But if the company doesn’t have an onboarding process. It’s gonna be a tough start for you.

2| Do you have a technology-based system?

Well, because the editing agency is virtual, you won’t get the correct information always. Even if the agent claims something wrong, you can’t judge. I have seen many photo editing services puffy outside whereas there’s a blank inside. Many of them have nothing more than a bunch of editors in a warehouse.

Application of skills and prioritization never happens in such agencies. This results in unexpected, unresponsive, and opaque photo editing services.

To get more detail about the system, you can go through calls, meetings as well as on-site meetings and visits where the workflow is defined. The most important part is, you and the photo editing agency understand each other. Having the minimum knowledge and intimacy is important between the provider and client before uploading your 1,000 image list.

3| Who are you already working with?

You’ll want to be sure that the photo editing company you are hiring is your kind of photo retouching service. When it comes to Imagepixelator, as an eCommerce photo specialist with years of experience is a multi-purpose photo editing agency. Besides serving product photos we also work for personal, portrait, and other photos.

It is to say that, we are limited to some categories of photo editing. Many BPO services try to be everything for everyone. But in comparison, eCommerce, lifestyle, wedding photos are different than one another.

A reputable and established company will have case studies, photo retouching services reviews, and a client list. In our years of working, we have worked with over 200+ photographers and businesses worldwide. Get in touch with us to know more information.

4| How do you treat your employees?

Well, not every person in this world is the same. We have horror stories in our journey of editing. Some people always make the same mistake. Ignoring TCO and running after cut-rate exploiters is common. Outsourcing pictures is easy but having getting the pictures as you wished might be tough in some cases. I mean there are still potential risks associated with vulnerable workers – and our clients.

In the case of Imagepixelator, we are very strict about working with attention and healthy mental. We have councilors to assign our employees in time of need. We have speakers and we arrange a weekly seminar to motivate our employees.

Above all, we believe employees are the heart of our agency, and therefore, we provide crucial facilities to them with respect.

Who needs outsourcing photo editing services?

The necessity can vary from person to person and business to business. Photo editing is a time-consuming and costly service when you don’t have the right guidance. I have already discussed the inconvenience of local agencies. They have a bunch of editors in a single warehouse working all day. It’s not a good sign that the agency is good. Whereas outsourcing allows you to find the best deal and suitable package.

You save time by not going anywhere physically. Outsource editing for photographers is also getting popular day by day. Photographers are also getting fascinated to outsource photo editing.

If you are interested to know how a company is operating — Take a look at its CSR policy. Email or call them, ask questions and get to know more.

What is outsource photo editing service for photographers?

Photographers are the heart of an image. They make the skeleton and also the meat. And editors customize and recreate the meat to give the best look. After capturing photos photographers usually submit upload the photo list to us. We find flaws or unexpected areas in photos and fix them.

We recreate the photos with the taste of worthiness. If any photo has flaws we fix that and if not, we begin beautifying the photo. We outsource editing for photographers’ photos since 2017 and still, now a lot of photographers are active and connected with us.

We first assign a team to Mark the flaws then we assign different types of groups of editors to fix.

Clipping Path services

professional clipping path service refers to removing or clearing out unnecessary objects or areas. We use the pen tool by photoshop to draw lines surrounding the object or area and simply clear it out. Using a clipping path, you can replace a portion of your image with your desired one.

We use our self-developed strategies to professionally edit and satisfy our clients. As the clipping path is one of the most commonly needed services for online businesses, we always give extra care to ensure the best service.

Photo editing work from home or a local agency is more hassle. Rather why not outsource your clipping path project to us?

Image masking Services

Image masking services come into play if you want to hide or reveal a specific portion of your image. It is a non-destructive image editing process. Without losing your image quality you can make the maximum change using image masking in your images.

Image masking is very common among photo editing eCommerce services. Typically, fashion and daily life-related businesses may often need to mask their images. We have worked for plenty of clients with image masking services. We know how photos should be edited so that they can satisfy their shoppers.

If you want the best image masking services within your reach, please contact us through the “contact us” page located at the top right corner.

Color Correction Services

You can use color correction to fix blemishes, flaws, and spots in your images. To customize the depth of colors when necessary, making the images light or deep in color — color correction works in every case of coloring needs.

But color correction above all needs expert skills. A little flaw or problematic work can cause damage to the photo. color correction is a photoshop editing service and therefore, the editors must be skilled enough in photoshop too to be able to apply the needed changes.

With Imagepixelator, you get a dedicated team that only works for color correction projects. Besides, you get the primary editing needed for your images for beautification.

Shadow Creation Services

Shadow plays an important role when you want your photos to be realistic enough. Photo is the final deciding factor for purchasing. Therefore, if the photo does not look natural and worthy, it would create a bad effect on your website.

Good photos with shadows allow potential customers to make a long-lasting impression on your images. The better your image looks the more it helps your business to sand out in the crowd.

Shadow creation service makes your way to the sky simple! We create both realistic and artificial shadows according to your photo editing needs and requirements. With everything near, we have the best team of editors for photographers.

Ghost mannequin Services

Apparel businesses use Ghost mannequin services. With this service, you can remove the mannequin from an apparel item without losing photo quality or any portion of your images. In this way, the apparel remains swollen and looks wearing. This picture photo editing service suits mid and high-level appears businesses.

Almost every eCommerce businesses use ghost mannequin service nowadays. It creates brand value and helps the user too! Wondering how? Well, in this way, potential customers can visualize how the product will fit them. Because the mannequin is invisible, potential shoppers replace the mannequin with them and imagine the product.

With years of experience in this field, we ensure that we can provide the best ghost mannequin service. You just need to trust us!

Image retouching services

Image retouching beautifies images to a greater extent. This service is a combination of different services including color correction, restoration, and so on. In other words, if you just want to capture photos and upload them to us for further review, fixing, and beautification, we can do that.

And don’t worry at all. In the case of online photo retouching, a team of experts first takes your project and reviews all the flaws and needs of your images. Then after the review, that team submit the project with instructions in detail to the designers.

Designers get the photo list and instruction paper and a supervisor supervises the team. In this way, designers extract the beat jucy solution out of your dull and weak photos.

Portrait Photo Editing services

If you want to edit your dull portrait photos into newly taken professional ones you can go for portrait photo editing. Portrait photo editing services include spot and blemish removing, wrinkle fixing, soothing the picture, adding colors to the hair and akin and so on.

We give a professional taste of retouched photos so that users can understand what the value of face is. In the case of portrait photos that contain a bunch of faces, we work on every single detail of the photo to ensure the best quality.

We provide expert solutions for portrait photos and therefore, don’t rush and get in touch with us at the earliest possible time.

Wedding Photo editing services

If you want to get the photos of your or your client’s wedding photos edited. We are here with the commitment to making the images like Hollywood actors. The bottlenecks of wedding photography include the circumstance, lack of tools, and crowded place.

Moreover, there are differences in style and means in every piece of photo. That’s why not the same kind of editing on all photos won’t work. This means we need pro editors here. Working according to the needs of a photo is what is important here.

We think the Image editing definition will be valueless if the wedding photo does not look appealing enough for customers.

How can professional photographers benefit from hiring the services of a photo editing company?

By hiring services of photo editing companies, Photographers get the benefit in many ways. At first, it is a crucial fact that every photo needs editing retouching before finally getting published onto the website or page.

Everyone can learn photoshop editing services but having the creativity and experience to pushing photos from weaker to smarter is what matters here.

It is usual and always happens that an unexpected portion or object appears on your taken images. Even if you have managed to capture good photos, you can’t upload the photos directly, especially in the case of commercial product photos. The photos should be edited we’ll to let shoppers know this is a brand!

Why should photographers hire outsource photo editing companies?

Well, professional photographers are always busy with other work. To save time, money, and get facilities photographers can always go for an online photo editing company instead of those local agencies. Local agencies nowadays, don’t work with expertise (It might not be the same for every agency)

Based on the working procedure and your requirements, you can choose any digital photo editing services in your budget range

When you have the photo list in bulk, we provide cool discounts for you. Online agencies are based on technology and that’s you’d need to pay less cost when hiring online services. The most interesting part is you get the flexibility of choice. No matter where the agency is locating in, though online you can work with anyone in this world.

Why are we the best photographer outsource photo editing service provider?

Because we meet all our client’s requirements! For the last 5 years, we’re working tirelessly to improve our image editing services. And we are glad to disclose that during our years of working we have already developed a lot of strategies, tools, and editing materials to serve our clients.

We have an advanced workflow, dedicated team for every service categories and 178+ employees with most of them having at least 3 years of experience. Although we have introduced image editing outsourcing recently, we dare to work with any type of business or photographer anywhere from the world.

We believe that the way we work is the way we prove ourselves. Our experience and skill pro editors are always aggressive to get new victims for jumping in.


We have discussed and broke down everything regarding outsourcing photo editing for photographers and photo studios. I think this article way enough to let photographers and studio owners understand how the art of photo editing depends from circumstance to circumstance.

In our journey of photo editing, we have seen a lot of businesses and photographers not caring about the quality and procedure of how an image editing company works. Instead, they like to go for low-rate prices. Keep in mind that, price is not a matter of concern as long as you get qualified services.

If you found any mistake during reading this article, ease pardon us and let us know through an email. For further information and discussion, you can always drop us an email from the “contact us” page.