Professional Photo Retouching Services 

The better your product photography is the more can you generate conversion and sales. There is a conventional quote that pictures are worth a thousand words. professional Photo Retouching Services is one of the challenging sectors for achieving online sales.

Over the past few years, The art of photography has been widely changed and people are concentrating on images more. Whether you have a full store of a variety of products or a single item you can’t ignore using images at any cost!

It’s the core ingredient of an eCommerce page, online store, or virtual platform.

People are nowadays using retouching services for professional photo editing and for that, they are relying on various photo editing services companies. But because not every company serves well we are being down.

To make your potential customers dig out their credit cards and make a purchase you will need more than just a simple picture of your product.
After doing some photography for your eCommerce online store or business, editing them is a significant step! And if you think you will do well without having your product images edited you are gonna make your competitors outrank you unknowingly.

No matter how good you or your photographer can take photos but professional wedding photo retouching services will be needed if you really wanna survive in the long run of eCommerce or online businesses.

The photo fix
Professional Photo Retouching Services


Premium Editing

We never compromise on quality and always try to provide top-notch image editing to our clients. With over 170+ Professional Image editors, we offer the premium, masterclass, and accurate hand-drawn clipping path Service Provider by keeping the color and all the detail intact.

Affordable Rate

We guarantee a Professional premium to remove the shadow from the picture online editing service provider, but we don’t demand sky-high prices for this like our other competitors. Yes, keeping the cost down and providing high-quality editing is a tough job, but that’s what we do here. We make a tough job look easy with our experienced hands working hard.

On-Time Delivery

Meeting the deadline and delivering flawless Professional Image Clipping path Service is our higher priority Provider. We monitor our working process from getting the project to delivering it. This is why we never miss the delivery and because of our 3 step QC process, the quality you get is flawless.

Expert Hand

Without highly experienced photoshop experts, we won’t be able to offer our clients the Professional best clipping path service that we promise. Our experts have over 10+ years of hand on photo editing experience. From accurate hand-drawn image clipping for background removal to eCommerce product photo editing according to the image requirements, our expert hand covers all.

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    To make your Photos look awesome we provide the Best Professional Photo Retouching Services with Confidence and a guarantee of qualified work.

    High-End Image Retouching Services
    Product image Retouching Services
    The photo fix
    Wedding Image Retouching Services

    “With 10 Years of experience and successful clipping path projects, we ensure to provide the best qualified service”

    What is Photo Retouching Service?

    photo retouching online is quite not the same in all cases. Depending on the subject of the photo, circumstance, and strategy the editor determines which changes should be applied for a particular product of the model photo.

    In straightforward and simple words, photo retouching means editing your full photo to make it suitable to show on your online store. We will do various changes to your photo including background removal, Clipping Path, and so on for making a photo look buy-worthy. For example, Let’s think your product is a clothing item and you have taken a photo like the below.

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    Why Photo Retouching should be applied

    Just think, Customers, don’t know how well a clothing product will look on themselves. They don’t know if a watch or a T-shirt that you are selling is whether going to suit their skin.

    But you have to make them feel a little about how would the product look when they wear it. And that’s why eCommerce sites use product photos. Especially when you express willingness to sell your product on eCommerce stores like Amazon, eBay, or Pickaboo you will have to at first edit your product images as per the site’s requirement. Otherwise, your product photos will not be approved to show off.

    If you are willing to go a long way in the eCommerce field and generating sales then decorating your images with beauty will be a good choice to invest in.

    According to a study, Customers become 37% more interested when they see good, quality full product images.
    Wondering how?

    Well, what is the first impression of a site visitor when they land on a page? Photos, yeah, photos are the first impression and it is to say that the more realistic and clear photos customers will get the more they will be interested!

    Types of professional Photo Retouching Services We Provide

    Because there are various types of professional photo retouching services. we have divided our services into 4 pieces

    High-End Image Retouching Services

    High-End Image Retouching Services

    eCommerce product photos can perform well if the photo is perfectly edited. It is to say that there is no doubt that a badly edited photo will decrease your business profit. Fortunately, Thephotofix provides retouch and enhancement services for any type of eCommerce photos

    Product image Retouching Services

    Product image Retouching Services

    If your purpose is to sell your products on Amazon or other eCommerce affiliate programs then you will need to remove the background of your photos and make it white to get your photos approved. Even if your products are wearing items you should remove the background for a more realistic look. And not only the background, In case of any unwanted object removal need we can assist you

    professional Wedding Image Retouching Services

    The photo fix

    Thephotofix provides a great wedding image retouching service. We have served over 63+ individuals and companies with wedding image retouching projects. We provide you with Simple, Complex, Super Complex, and multi-photo wedding image editing services to give a styled and organized look to your set of images and keeping the sweet moments framed forever

    Real Estate Image Editing Services

    Real Estate Image Editing Services

    Real estate image editing service is for real estate agencies, huge companies, and businesses. We know the competition and challenge of the real estate business and we will work according to a perfect real estate business needs

    image color correction services

    image color correction services

    When the color of your images become broken and looks harsh it makes images worse but to come out of this situation we have an image color correction service which helps to fix the color of every single detail of your image

    Image restoration services

    Image restoration services

    Image Restoration Service is nowadays widely used to easily fix outdated, black and white, and scratched images. When you need a date-fail image but you can’t due to the state of the image we can help you to fully restore your image

    Why Do We Need Professional Photo Retouching Services

    I have already mentioned that professional eCommerce product photo retouching services is a challenging fact. There might be multiple competitors for selling the same product in your niche and it’s completely normal.

    What you have to do is first explore some photographs of your product from your competitor’s site. See and analyze well how your competitors have edited photos and what strategies they follow.

    If you are doing your retouching job by us. You can leave the researching part for us. If you are a newbie it really may be tough for you but try to at least grasp the process so you can understand the inclusive things for ensuring quality even if you hire an editor for your photos.

    Take a look at the below three product photography examples. Here you can see the same product photographed by three different competitors.

    Each of the photos is different from one another and what if I say which watch photo you will prefer to buy from the above? Which one would you choose? Well, I’m choosing the last, wanna know why?

    If you take a deep look you can notice that the first watch photo is edited well but seems very fancy because of the ridiculous background. The second photo is still good but it looks unnatural because of having two products together and the irrelevant background matters a little too. But when it comes to the third photo, it’s very natural and looks realistic because of the hand wearing the watch. The bracelets near the watch add some extra beauty and make potential customers feel how would it look if they wear it.

    ⦁ When you want to host your products on Amazon or other eCommerce affiliate platforms
    ⦁ If you think the quality of the photo is not enough to be displayed on your site
    ⦁ When adjusting image brightness, or contrast seems to be necessary
    ⦁ If the product photo looks unrealistic or unnatural then you need an editing service for a realistic look
    ⦁ If you feel the need to remove background or any unwanted object from your product photo

    When you don’t need eCommerce product photo editing

    ⦁ If you have just taken photos for testing purpose
    ⦁ When you don’t want to market your products for generating leads
    ⦁ If your camera is very high quality with added features and good enough to make quality full photos without requiring editing

    The reality of product photo editing

    There is plenty of free software available out there on the internet for editing product photos yourself. But as a professional, I don’t prefer those.
    Yeah, The free photo editors may help you to edit photos yourself and easily but in reality, these kinda photos are less quality and not always give you the best.

    And editing doesn’t only mean making a product look cool by adding some fancy features! Cropping, adjusting white balance, exposure and contrast, color vibrancy and saturation, sharpness, and a lot more facts are considered when a product photo is being retouched.

    eCommerce product photo editing service providers are nowadays found anywhere. I have seen a lot of startups being attracted to random editing companies only for affordable rates or attractive offers.

    But try to understand! Your product photos are the identity of your business and the investment in editing photos will never go in vain! You shouldn’t be greedy for discounts or offers!

    But it’s also not like the more you invest the more you will get better photos. It depends on the type of your product photo and your requirements.
    I hope you got my point.

    So let’s dive into the process we follow while retouching eCommerce product photos.

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    How do you do Photo Retouching?

    We mainly use Adobe Photoshop, Logic Pro, and other significant tools for editing photos. We are also capable of Editing product photos in Lightroom. Among a lot of services, photoshop retouching service is the best-qualified service.

    Our expert graphic designers can easily determine which photo should get what changes. But you have to let us know the purpose of your product photo. Whether you are gonna use your product photo for affiliate marketing or to sell on affiliate websites like Amazon or eBay you have to let us know your purpose so we can understand your requirements easily.

    For professional photo retouching, you should have a clear intention of your purpose. Because when you want to use photos for Amazon or other eCommerce affiliate platforms the photo will need some extra editing like Background removal, adjusting sharpness, and so on Otherwise, your product photo on those sites will not be approved!

    If your intention is affiliates or digital marketing your product need to look rich and the size should be small. But reducing the size without ruining the quality is tough and you can’t do it.

    In straightforward words, we will optimize photos fully according to the website or platform where you will use them. That’s why depending on your purpose of using product photos we will take initial steps and the rest steps will be taken according to your requirements.

    Our professional eCommerce photo retouching services will fit all your editing needs for a successful image list. Services including clear or white background, Image extraction, dust cleanup, logo fixing, and color replacement are always available near your hand on Thephotofix.

    Who Photo Retouching Services Suits the best?

    When it comes to image retouching services, it’s significant to consider some facts before you submit your list of photos to a company and as a confident service provider we claim with honesty that we are the best photo retouching company out there

    When you have successfully done your part of taking product photos now it’s our responsibility to make your photos look even more beautiful.
    And it’s not your fault if you have made some photos look bad. We will take care of that too!

    When you think of photo retouching first write down your requirements and then submit it to us. Whether you have multiple product photos or a single one we will work dedicatedly for you. Editing is a time consuming and troublesome process. Leave this work to us so you can take more amazing photos.

    We never move beyond the requirements of our clients. If you wish to make a specific change or reduce the size of your photo without losing the quality, we can accommodate them immediately. Thephotofix is outsourcing product photo editing to the next level and earning with dignity over the past few years.

    Unlike other normal photography editing products service providers, we always try our best to get positive feedback from our clients. And if you don’t prefer our editing result for any unexpected issue, we will immediately perform changes according to your feedback

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    Grow Your Dream Business And Improve Your Online Marketing

    Photos help you generate sales, giving a visual of your features, and persuading customers. When customers can at least see well-designed and awesome product photos they can trust you.

    Especially in the case of eCommerce startups, I have seen plenty of entrepreneurs not focusing on their product photos well. People always look for cheap retouching services so that they can save some penny but these savings are leading them to lose their business unknowingly.

    Most of us think the more we can invest in our internal objects the more we can go the way to success. But actually, They have no mind. You should instead always keep the partial focus on how your product photos are doing and the analytics of how your customers are responding to your images.

    Are they liking your product or throwing it out after seeing your product in hand? That’s entirely up to you how would you treat your customers.
    I believe that Sometimes in some cases you can generate leads only through fascinating product photos on Facebook or other Social media.

    But you can’t neglect that edited product photos play a significant role in generating sales. Customers need the assurance that they are buying quality products and high-quality photos can provide that assurance. Therefore, the images of your eCommerce product photos should create an irresistible and long-lasting impact on the minds of customers

    Why Makes Thephotofix different from others?

    Well, after all, the question still arises that why should you choose us among hundreds? What’s our exception?

    So let’s begin.

    Our 230+ expert graphic designers were assigned through an intellectual process that ensures that all of our experts are capable.
    We take care of our designers well because we believe that mental state is directly related to work.

    We have 5 councilors in our company to assist our designers with any mental state so that they can stay free and work with ease at every moment.
    Unlike other agencies or companies, we are only revealing our company’s detailed information to assure our customers the best service.

    We don’t stay within some services. Instead, we provide various services including eCommerce photo editing services, retouching services for professional photographers, photo touch-up services, and so on which ensures that we are multi-talented.

    In the case of individual clients, we provide a face retouch online service to create selfies and group photos that look more than just awesome.

    Take a look at our other features:

    ⦁ We are dedicated enough and for that, we are still surviving in the designing field with dignity
    ⦁ Our 173+ satisfied clients were always a motivation to us
    ⦁ Total of 321 offline and 389+ online projects completed
    ⦁ We don’t make fake promises at any cost and never let our clients down
    ⦁ Our expert graphics designing team is confident of handling any kind of project

    With Thephotofix, you can convert your worse photos into wonderful ones. Rest assured, Just have a try on Thephotofix. We can at least ensure that we don’t want anything either than client satisfaction. we are sure that you will come again to us once you use our professional Photo Retouching Services. If you have any questions, please comment down below.