When we think of an image clipping path, we imagine it’s easy! All we need to do is removing the background of an image manipulation service using a pen. But in reality, It’s not as easy as it sounds at all! A silly mistake can break the outsource images and cause them to look ugly! Professional Image Clipping Service Provider is all about accurateness, perfection, clipping path service, and a little bit of creativity.

As the clipping path marketplace is competitive. A few people are aware of the correct use of the Clipping path. Sometimes we have to do a little more editing, too, for making the clipping path result look awesome

clipping path service


Premium Editing

We never compromise on quality and always try to provide top-notch image editing to our clients. With over 170+ Professional Image editors, we offer the premium, masterclass, and accurate hand-drawn clipping path Service Provider by keeping the color and all the detail intact.

Affordable Rate

We guarantee a Professional premium to remove the shadow from the picture online editing service provider, but we don’t demand sky-high prices for this like our other competitors. Yes, keeping the cost down and providing high-quality editing is a tough job, but that’s what we do here. We make a tough job look easy with our experienced hands working hard.

On-Time Delivery

Meeting the deadline and delivering flawless Professional Image Clipping path Service is our higher priority Provider. We monitor our working process from getting the project to delivering it. This is why we never miss the delivery and because of our 3 step QC process, the quality you get is flawless.

Expert Hand

Without highly experienced photoshop experts, we won’t be able to offer our clients the Professional best clipping path service that we promise. Our experts have over 10+ years of hand on photo editing experience. From accurate hand-drawn image clipping for background removal to eCommerce product photo editing according to the image requirements, our expert hand covers all.

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    “With 10 Years of experience and successful clipping path projects, we ensure to provide the best qualified service”


    A professional clipping path service Provider is a closed vector path or shape used to cut out a 2D image in an image editing software. Here, one thing to remember is that anything inside the track will be included after applying the Professional Image clipping path. However, anything outside the way will be omitted from the actual output.

    Basically, in easy words, the clipping path refers to removing the background of an image perfectly. There’s no chance to understand that the image’s background is removed if you were clipping the path through professional service providers.

    The clipping path isn’t like other normal background remover apps found on the play store. It’s more than just removing a background where Creativity and perfection contribute together.

    This well-known technique is vastly popular all over the world. starting from editing a small portion of an image to make your bad photography good, you can use this service

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    By using this technique, we can enhance the change of the small portion of any image, change the color, background, retouching a photo, shape, logo, shadow, and almost everything located within an image.

    According to a survey, 38% of consumers like to see a product photo with white background. This means the clipping path is not negligibly. Starting from small online shops and startups to giant eCommerce owners, every business needs a Professional Clipping path service for their product photography mask image online Service Provider, Designing, or visualization.

    Some individuals may also feel the need for a clipping path result to look cooler! I have seen the most use of clipping path service in professional product photography because to represent a product, and we often need to change the background and enhance the beautification.
    Clipping path isn’t that easy to do by yourself. I have already mentioned that it’s not only about removing the background. Productivity, accurateness, and special editing may also need in times of need.


    Plenty of Professional Clipping Path Service Provider is available out there on the Internet, but not all of them are guaranteed to work flawlessly for you.

    When it comes to the Clipping path, you should look at the following factors to define if a Professional Image Clipping Service Provider is capable enough to work with your project.

    ⦁ Previous projects: How their previous projects are? Are customers satisfied with that service provider? You can get to know these things by taking a look at their last projects.

    ⦁ Resources — Is that Professional Image clipping path Service provider dedicated to working? What things do they use for their clipping path service? Remember that any random tool can’t perform well for clipping paths.

    ⦁ Commitment accurateness Does the company make fake promises? Several companies can’t deliver the project within their deadline. Some providers even make mistakes with quality. Don’t use this kind of provider at any cost.

    ⦁ Pricing: The pricing plan should be flexible. This is somewhat normal that renowned companies take a higher amount and quality-less companies cost lower. But you have to find out the companies who provide good enough services at an affordable rate.


    The Photo Fix is the best professional clipping path photoshop company from 2020. It’s been in the image editing industry for over a decade and served hundreds of eCommerce and renowned businesses, and still, we are working with great honor.

    We can confidently say that we are capable enough than most other companies to provide the best service. Not only the clipping path, in case of extra editing and more needs, but we also help our clients without thinking much.

    Here’s why you should prefer us:

    • We are dedicated
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    • Our pricing is very flexible and affordable enough for middle-class clients
    • We always meet the deadline
    • Our previous clients are satisfied to work with us
    • We have completed 170+ projects with dignity and responsibility
    • We give full-time support
    • After taking a project into the hand, our team first understand that project and assign the right experts for that project

    No matter what products or services you sell, always using the best photos will benefit you from promoting your business.

    And ThePhotoFix company is confident and smart enough to satisfy you with your images. Just have a try!


    Not every Professional Image Clipping Service Provider works well! The way we work is very sensitive to us. We won’t accept even a single mistake throughout our Professional Image Clipping Service process. And our clients like us for this dedication.

    Here are the steps we follow while working:

    ⦁ Requirement: In this part, you will select your service and provide us the conditions of your photo retouching prices or editing service

    • Analysis: we analyze your needs and send you a quote
    • Acceptance: You accept the price and sample
    • Production: According to your received model and selection, we will do the production
    • Payment: Pay the bill for your project

    Online Delivery: In the last step, we deliver the job and fix any issues. If you find

    Types Of Professional Clipping Service

    The complexity depends on the type of task. Sometimes, depending on the study and requirement, the category of the image editing service provider is determined. In general, there are six types of clipping path services we provide. We have considered everything before making these categories. Now let’s take a look at these types of services:

    Primary Clipping Path Plan

    professional clipping path service

    Products or elements that are round-shaped are usually placed in the basic clipping path plan. For example, cups, balls, and plates are typically considered for the basic program.

    Easy Clipping Path Plan

    professional clipping path service : Image Clipping Service Provider

    We do a clipping path for Curve shaped elements like ornaments, wristwatches, bracelets, and shoes with holes in this plan. The images that include curves and anchors are comparatively more complex than the basic clipping path.

    Medium Clipping Path

    Medium Clipping Path 

    Images with inclusive fewer curves, holes, and designs are considered medium for clipping path in the level of difficulty. Necklaces, wagons, and wheels are some example of the Medium Clipping Path plan.

    Multiple elements clipping path

    Medium Clipping Path 

    In this category of clipping path, multiple objects are located in an image where the designer has to work with different aspects. Color, Size, and opacity have to be changed, too, besides the clipping path. These tasks are time-consuming because the things require modification here. We perform the multiple clipping path services very carefully because our experts are used to it.

    Complex Clipping Path Plan

    Complex Clipping Path Plan 

    Images containing a Group of different products, furniture, and holes are in the first position in Complex Clipping Path. These images are tough enough to cut the path accurately due to the elements inside having complex lines.

    Super Complex Clipping Path Plan

    Complex Clipping Path Plan 

    This is the most complex part of the clipping path. These types of images contain lots of complex curves, holes, and lines with compound shapes and shadows. Cycle, Mountain, Kitchen masking hair photoshop are some examples of this category.

    What is the clipping path in Photoshop?

    I have got a lot of queries these days from people to explain the concept of a clipping mask in photoshop. That’s why I’m making this section.

    Photoshop can perform a clipping path accurately. I prefer photoshop because the tools available on photoshop are capable enough then more other tools online. First of all, in photoshop, we create a vector shape using paths, tracing over the top of the photographs like the below.

    Now we will save this photoshop hair mask containing vector paths so that this file later appears to place the clipped image.

    Then From the original photo, we will cut out the object using several tools. It is basically done as per the client’s instructions and requirements.

    After cutting the photo, we will place the portion to the vector path image, and then the photoshop clipping path is done!

    Here the thing that we should remember is that the clipping path needs professionals to perform, a little mistake may not look worse, but it will affect your marketing.

    There is plenty of photoshop clipping path service provider company available online, but not all of them are worthy! I should mention that we are the best photoshop clipping path service provider available near your hand because we meet all the facts to claim ourselves, experts.

    Difference between image editing service and professional clipping path service

    • The following is an example of an image editing
    • And the following one is an example of a clipping path

    Image editing service and professional clipping path service is almost the same thing. Clipping path is a special kind of image editing. A clipping path is used to change a small portion of an image. Plenty of tools are available out there on the Internet that provides features and tools for clipping path but the clipping path in photoshop on photoshop is the most useful. Professional and expert graphic designers use photoshop for the clipping path.

    Photoshop designers use the pen tool and make a path for every single object. Then within your created path, you can make any change or replace another image. After a successful photo-shoot when business owners want to upload their photos into their money site they will need to edit the photo before uploading. The main difference between the clipping path specialist and image editing service is you have to make a path for clipping but in the case of image editing, you won’t need that. Also, Image editing is quite necessary after every business photo-shoot but you don’t need a clipping path service provider in all cases. That’s all about the difference between image clipping path and image editing

    Where Clipping path Photoshop is applied the most (clipping path photoshop 2020)

    I’ll mention all the sectors here where people use the most clipping path. To make your product photography stand out in the crowd, you will need to apply the clipping path correctly, and the photoshop image clipping path services are best for products. Let’s see in which cases we apply photoshop to create a clipping path in photoshop.

    eCommerce Product photography Editing And Clipping Path Service

    We always have to follow a particular set of images when we show products to our audience. A product with any random background will not help you to promote your business. We can find the best example of eCommerce product photo editing images if we visit online shops like eBay, Amazon, or Walmart.

    Image background removal

    Several tools contribute to an Image background removal service. Pen Tool, Magic Wand Tool, and the Quick Selection tool is some of those used tool for background removal. In this case, photoshop is applied to remove the background of that photo. For example, A product doesn’t suit a natural view as a background. Blank white or black background often suits a product and that’s why most of the products we see online have a white or black background.

    Photo Manipulation Service

    Only cool photography with an advanced camera isn’t enough at all to market the photo. No matter how many good pictures you can take, you will always need the manipulation service to make your image look clearer and flourish the inner beauty.

    On photo manipulation, we reduce blemishes, backdrops and create any missing portion. Photo manipulation is the best technique to extract the feature from different photos. And finally, we mix them to create a realistic picture as much as possible.

    Color Correction

    correction of color is a technical process of photoshop to make a photo as natural as possible. Color correction is applied to the brightness, contrast, and sunlight area too.

    Image optimization for Web Content

    Image optimization is one of the factors for a good user experience. When the extra color profiles, as well as metadata, are removed from an image it makes the image lighter what lets a web page to load fast

    Image retouching service for online businesses

    Retouching image service is for improving the overall quality of your image. Image retouching service includes dripping noise, contrast, adjusting the sharpness, removing the background, and so on. Our product photography retouching service is very renowned for the past few years. plenty of people have used our retouching service

    Photoshop Professional Clipping Path Service

    Photoshop works well to make a transparent background photo too! photos with transparent background are often required by Individual freshers to learn editing the rest photo. In easy words, if you just want your photo to look smart and suitable for showing online you can go for the Image retouching service.


    As a leading offshore create clipping path house, The PhotoFix provides top-quality Photoshop professional clipping path service. We always provide high-quality Photoshop photo editing and eCommerce product image editing services all over the world. Our quality work, friendly customer support, and on-time delivery system prove us the best clipping path company.

    We don’t only provide clipping path services. Besides the clipping path, we are providing several more editing services too! And that’s why we know when customers need what. In this way, we have achieved the top of creating a clipping path in photoshop service, and we promise to work forever with responsibility!