Unveil the shine and sparkle from the design by Retouch Up photos. Transform every piece of jewelry item into gemstones by having your photos professionally retouched. The jewelry retouching service we provide can extract the best results out of your jewelry photos. In addition, we customize the photos and take them to the next level, making jewelry photos utterly breathtaking and as much realistic as possible.

Starting from the smallest detail to the huge parts, we take care of everything within the boundaries of your jewelry photos. The way we work allows us to style a jewelry photo to the best extent — It helps satisfy our clients.

Professional Jewelry Retouch Up Service

Professional Jewelry Retouch Up Service

Keep in mind that we do not use any jewelry photo editor to edit images neither such kind of product-specific editor is available online. Still, we can provide the best outcome out of your ugly-looking photos.

We have been Retouch Up jewelry images since 2017, and till now, we are playing in the market of editing with confidence and gratitude. We have developed several strategies and procedures to work efficiently.

Retouch Up photos is a combination of different service types according to the photo needs. We apply multiple changes like color correction, enhancement, effect to make the photos as realistic as possible.

Rest assured, we can ensure that, with our high-end jewelry retouching services, you’ll be able to grab the attraction of your potential customers and dazzle them. We Retouch Up photos in a way that everyone loves us.

Pixel Perfect Jewelry Image Retouching

Pixel Perfect Jewelry Image Retouching

Pixel Perfect Jewelry Image Retouching

We provide almost all the image editing needs—for example, clipping path, image restoration, color correction, background removal, and so on. On top of all our services, we prioritize making pixel-perfect jewelry photos the most. We follow the best strategies and procedures to produce your desired, pixel-perfect photos efficiently.

To be clear, the resolution of the images after editing would fall between 5,000 to 10,000 pixels is wide so that you get the best viewing experience ever.

For our jewelry shops and magazines clients, we offer editorial edits and customizations that deliver the exact result you’re looking for. After you upload your jewelry images to us, we’ll work closely with you to become the editor of your heart.

Above all, our pro editors are experienced enough in touching up photos in Photoshop. In addition, they are qualified in every editing sector, including the art of diversifying photo quality.

Jewelry Photo Editing Service at Lightning Fast Delivery

Jewelry Photo Editing Service at Lightning Fast Delivery

Jewelry Photo Editing Service at Lightning Fast Delivery

Deadline is one of the greatest concerns for a photo editing client. It will be very frustrating if you don’t get your edited jewelry photos in time. Unfortunately, what happens in most of the editing agencies is that they usually commit both time and quality at first but break later. That’s why you should be careful enough before and read the terms and conditions.

However, Image Pixelator believes that commitment is the most important part of professionalism. Therefore, we put in our best efforts to meet the deadline. Usually, we have an expedited delivery system for clients wanting their project completed at the earliest possible time.

The time of completing a project depends on the photo quantity, editing needs, and overall condition. So to get your jewelry images a brand new look with us, get in touch! We can discuss the deadline and features furthermore.

Top-of-the-Line Jewelry Retouch Up Services

Top-of-the-Line Jewelry Retouch Up Services

Top-of-the-Line Jewelry Retouch Up Services

Jewelry retouching is a combination of creativity and productivity. Besides having the skill of Retouch Up, accuracy, expertise, and creativity matter a lot. Nobody can become an expert by watching a photo retouching tutorial. It takes time and effort to become a professional and expert Retouch Up. To provide the best results, retouches should also be experienced enough as well.

Unlike those agencies delivering flashy talks instead of the best services, we do not go beyond our terms and commitment. Additionally, if we somehow don’t deliver your jewelry background images editing project in time, we commit to giving you compensation.

The images go through three steps: understanding requirements, editing images accordingly and rechecking the project before finally submitting it. It makes sure everything is fine and as are not lacking any quality.

When working on your project, the supervisor assigned to your project generates new Photoshop editing ideas to glorify the images to the best extent, and that’s why our clients get satisfied by heart with our service.

A Look at Our Process

We have already mentioned that we follow the best procedure. To produce world-class photos out of dull and ugly ones, we take care of everything, from single detail to huge needs. We also follow the photo editing tips in Photoshop in our work.

We don’t only focus on somehow editing photos. Instead, the procedure and workflow we follow allow us to make the photos beautiful by more than 25%. Yes, it is true! Quality highly depends on the processing. So besides fixing flaws and beautifying photos, we make sure that we don’t lack any needs during our work.

In this way, we know the exact method of enhancing pictures in Photoshop. We fix, edit and beautify photos in specific steps and according to the instructions. As a result, you get awesome, dazzling photos of your expectation!

Now let’s take a look at the exact steps we go through for retouching jewelry products.

Cleaning Dust

After having your image list, the first action we perform is cleaning dust. We look for dust in every portion of the images carefully. Unexpected dust in a photo causes users to suspect the photo as unprofessional. Furthermore, it decreases the value of a photo. Especially when it comes to Photos of jewelry, cleaning dust is a must.

Unexpected dust is a great bottleneck when you want to outperform competitors and stand out in the market. In addition, it impacts brand reputation badly, and as a result, your Jewelry pictures become invaluable in front of the jewelry products industry.

Moreover, dust makes it tougher to deal with other editing needs, making the photo complicated.

Base Level Adjustments

The base-level adjustment refers to the process of controlling and fixing the layers of the image. It allows us to adjust the tone for a specific color channel or other features. For example, your photo becomes a little unrealistic or irrelevant due to incorrect brightness, contrast, or sharpness. We will fix and enhance pictures in Photoshop and adjust all the incorrect settings.

In this way, you’ll get the best result to make the jewelry image better than ever. Our photo experts are experienced enough to edit the base level setting with full accuracy. You can drop us an email at any time to discuss your photo needs.

Digital Masking

Digital Masking is a commonly used service nowadays. It is used to reveal and hide some portions of images. The best part is it is a non-destructive process. We enhance and mask jewelry in Photoshop. So if you have got unnecessary portions in your images that decrease the beauty, you can go for digital image masking services.

A masked image is simply an image where the pixel of some portions is zero, and the remaining part is none zero. As a result, the subject of the photo can be smoothly cut out without being broken. We have world-class experts who feel fascinated to work on masking services with professional tools like Photoshop.

Final Adjustments

Fixing the flaws and making some changes to your images is not our main purpose. Additionally, when the designers finish the work, they submit the project to the supervisor. Then the supervisor assigns a team to check every image with heart and soul carefully. If they find any further issues within the images, we immediately give back the suspected images to be fixed. Also, the checking team provides necessary Photoshop photo editing tips for improvement.

We make the balance among brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other features with accuracy. As a result, it makes the jewelry retouching process even more realistic and comfortable.

Get The Best Jewelry Retouch up Services

Our experience and skills at least make sure you can take our jewelry photo retouching services with ease. The way we work and progress is proof of our service quality. And yes, we provide a free trial for some of your images so you can test us and let your doubts go away.

Most of our existing customers begin to love us just by the first trial services. We claim with confidence that we are providing the best service nowadays in the market. The best part is even if you don’t like our service later, we’re ready to initiate a partial or full refund for you.


So we had a lot of discussions today. We have broken down all the fundamentals of jewelry Retouch Up services, including how we work and the process we follow.

If you notice any errors while reading this article, please pardon us and feel free to let us know. Furthermore, you can discuss your project with us at any time for further queries and information. Please email us using the contact us page above now!