A ghost mannequin photography is a method that shows the dimensions and features that
other tools and processes would typically hide. It provides the ability to zoom, rotate, enlarge,
and shrink the sizes of products for better understanding.
They help viewers to focus on little details that they may otherwise overlook. This strategy is
beneficial and essential in e-commerce companies since it allows potential buyers to window
shop without visiting the stores themselves.
You need to use photography and video ghost mannequin editing services to achieve this. To
create them, you must take images of genuine items. Then you must utilize the picture program
editing tools to make minor adjustments. Finally, save the photographs suitably for easy

Tips For Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin service has been used extensively in the fashion industry for many years. It
is a skillful process to select the photos carefully to create an appealing experience for
customers. Below are some vital ghost mannequin photography suggestions.

Pick the Right Mannequins

The first stage in ghost mannequin photography is selecting mannequins. So choose those that
suit your demands. Find a model that matches the clothe’s materials. Select the mannequin’s
size and color to make the components appear realistic.

Pick Photography Accessories

You must bring the appropriate equipment to get the best possible photographs of your
products. A good camera, lighting softboxes, a background, and a tripod are necessary. The entire
arrangement will provide a fantastic scenario for ghost mannequin photos.

Different Angle

Posing in different poses with fashion photography can make it more appealing and unique.
Professionals prefer stable postures over interactive visualizations. Because people want to
look at the products in various ways before buying them, it plays a significant part in the overall

Ensure proper lighting

Mannequin photography relies heavily on lighting, and the best way to get good lighting is to let
the sunshine through the glass. It provides the most contrast possible and shows clothing items
more effectively. Aside from that, you can create the lighting setup manually based on your
demands and budget. All of the required equipment must be precisely set.


Now you are ready to go! It is now time to take shots you need to. Take a minimum of two
photos each time for security reasons. If you’d like, you can also rotate the image and then get
as many relevant photos as you can.

Save or Send the Photo

The last step is to either store the picture or send it to a remote server. However, doing both is
the most excellent way to go. In addition to saving the photographs on your camera, you can
also send them to a remote server.

How to make a Ghost Mannequin Effect in Photoshop

After taking the photographs, you must design the ghost mannequins. And this step involves
editing software. This technique achieved the look that you want your buyers to show. It’s
lengthy, complicated, and highly intricate. But if you follow these below steps, you can quickly
achieve the desired look you want.

Step 1:  Open the front image.

In Photoshop, open the “front half” of the picture. Open the ‘Layers’ panel. You’ll see that the
image is in the “locked background” layer if you look.

Step 2: Unlock the background layer

Select ‘Background Layer’ from the menu and rename it to ‘Layer 0.’ Double-click the name tab
to give it a proper name.

Step 3: Duplicate the Layer

Right-click on Layer and select ‘Duplicate Layer.’ So that you can restore the original image if
you make a mistake.

Step 4: Choose a final background-color

Make a new blank layer and name it. Fill in the layers with white using the paint bucket tool. It’ll
be the final image’s background.

Step 5: Create layers

It’s essential to put the “front” part at the top, the “background” in the middle, and the “front
backup” at the bottom.

Step 6: Remove the background with a pen tool

Now remove the background. Using a pen tool, outline the product’s “front” layer by drawing a
path around it.

Step 7: Select

Click the ‘Selection’ button on the Photoshop palette to begin working with selections. You will
see some marching ants emerging around the picture as you scroll down.

Step 8: Change the Selection

At the top of Photoshop, click ‘Select’ Select’ then ‘Inverse.’ Then, the ‘marching ants’ will
‘migrate’ around the product at the top of Photoshop.

Step 9: Remove the background

On your keyboard, press the Delete key. To make your picture look better, you’ll get a white
background with your product on top of it. Your original picture will be behind the white

Step 10: Open the image’s back half.

In Photoshop, open the ‘back half of the image.

Step 11: Label and save the image

Use the above same procedures, name, and backup your image. You don’t need a backdrop
layer for this one.

Step 12: Reuse the pen tool

Create a path around the product with the pen tool.

Step 13: Select

Click’ Selection…’ to move the marching ants around the product.

Step 14: Copy the image’s back half.

Copy the back half of the picture that you’ve chosen. Press Ctrl + C or Command + C to do this.

Step 15: Paste the copied back half

To paste the Layer to your front half, use Control + V. It’s possible to move the layers in a way
that makes the “back” layer come before “front,” but the white background layer comes behind

Step 16: Resize the back half

Move the ‘back’ and resize it after selecting it. Press Ctrl + T or Command + T to resize the
transform tool’s image. Move the tool around until it’s perfectly set. It is also possible to eliminate
undesired components from a picture by dragging the lasso tool over them.
Now that you have your finished picture save it to the proper file location. And your mannequin
is ready.


The ghost mannequin service is a must-have in the fashion and clothing business for
attracting customers by giving them a natural and faultless appearance. Use this technology
most efficiently for both online and offline sales.
In the end, we’ve made it easy to learn. How do you make a ghost mannequin effect in
Photoshop? Aside from that, we gave some tips for developing photography abilities to capture
better photographs.